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Investment Management

This firms core business is the management of clients financial wealth across a diverse product range including but limited to Cash, National Savings, ISA's, Unit Trusts, Insurance company products such as Investment Bonds and other investment vehicles.

Tiger Financial & Asset Mangement Limited utilizes asset allocation for managing a portfolio which is defined as the correlation between four unrelated asset classes: equities, fixed interest, commercial property and cash. These asset classes tend to behave differently depending on the prevailing economic conditions. For example, equities and investment grade corporate bonds generally have a negative correlation that is to say that at the time one of them is increasing in value, the other should be decreasing.

In addition, some asset classes have no correlation to each other. The value of commercial property for example, is rarely affected directly by fluctuations in the stock market. It can therefore often be useful to hold a commercial property based investment alongside equities and bonds to reduce the impact of stock market movement on your portfolio.

Evidence has also demonstrated that although securities within a single asset class tend to move together, this effect is reduced between geographical regions and currencies.

Tiger Financial & Asset Management Limited keeps under constant review not only the funds in the portfolio but the weightings of each of the sectors to ensure the correct balance of assets in each sector. The allocation of amount of funds to be held in each asset class is determined by the amount of risk the portfolio has been set up to take and the requirement for income from the portfolio.

Tiger Financial & Asset Management Limited on the set up of a new portfolio provides access through this web site a live valuation and tracking system of the funds this firm manages on your behalf. This includes monthly written reports on your funds progress, ability to benchmark your fund to any chosen index and produce reconciled transactional histories.

The value of investments can fall as well as rise and you may not get back your original investment

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